Car Accessory of the Year

Car Accessory of the Year

iTrip DualConnect wins!

We won the Car Accessory of the Year award for iTrip Dual Connect in iLounge’s 2011 Buyer’s Guide!

Everyone is so excited today to learn that iLounge selected our latest version of iTrip, iTrip DualConnect, as the car accessory of the year. iTrip has come a long way over the years, we’re so happy to see it’s still recognized as the leader in FM transmitters.

Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge’s Editor-in-Chief had some nice words too.

“Even in a slow year for major new Apple in-car accessories, Griffin delivered something new and smart. iTrip DualConnect stood out for two reasons: it’s an affordable car charger and audio-out kit for any iPod or iPhone user, plus, it’s the no-brainer choice if you’re traveling and not sure what sort of stereo your rental car will have. DualConnect lets you go with aux-out if that’s an option, or FM transmission for any old radio, and sounds really good either way.”

iTrip DualConnect