Five Things We Love About Watch. Plus one.

Five Things We Love About Watch. Plus one.

Apple gave us a first look at the brand new Apple Watch today. Of course, it’s beautiful. Here’s a rundown on five of our favorite things. Plus one.:

1) Built-in accelerometers to measure movement.
Apple Watch tracks how active you are, from brisk activity to how often you’ve stood up to take a break from sitting. All of this in addition to your iPhone’s GPS and WiFi will make for one amazingly connected fitness tracker. We’ll be interested to see how the Apple Watch Sport edition handles waterproof-ness. In order for it to become a flat-out replacement for higher-end running watches and fitness trackers, the Apple Watch will need to withstand sweat, mud, rain and submersion. We’re confident Cupertino has taken this into consideration.

2) Customizable interface
Touch the display and swipe through the different interfaces and looks. We were intrigued by the apparently free-form, non-gridded placement of the the Watch’s apps. Using the digital crown to zoom in and out to get at apps makes us wonder if we could some day see a similar approach for the iPhone and iPad home screens.

2-way wrist TV

3) Works with Apple Pay
Pay with your credit card without pulling out your wallet – or your iPhone 6 for that matter.

4) Control music on your iPhone. We love the idea of being able to control music, advance tracks, etc. without having to take the iPhone out of a pocket or bag.

5) Built-in Siri
Press down the digital crown to use Siri just like on your iPhone or iPad. With every passing iteration, we come closer and closer to living the future we were promised … jet cars, 2-way wrist tvs and all.  “Siri, where’s my jetpack?”


With a starting price point of $349 and availability “early next year,” we’ll miss the possibility that it could end up under the tree, but there’re always birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Arbor Day as possible gifting occasions.  We’re just putting that out there.

Watch with Milanese Loop

And here’s plus one – Interchangeable wristbands – Seriously. The array of materials and looks Apple presented yesterday was staggering. But did you get a load of what they’re calling the Milanese loop? The woven stainless steel one? Wow. That thing is dead sexy.

So what about you? What about the Apple Watch has you excited for its early 2015 debut?  The comments are open.



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