What’s the best universal iPhone remote?

What’s the best universal iPhone remote?

Beacon is the best iPhone remoteBeacon is the best iPhone remote

According to Gizmodo, Beacon is the best universal iPhone remote (we think so too).

Back in June, Gizmodo wrote a post entitled, Will Griffin’s Beacon iPhone Universal Remote Be the First to Not Suck? Casey Chan wrote that Gizmodo had more faith in us, because we’ve “made excellent Apple accessories over the years. Griffin understands Apple products.”

Casey followed up with a new post in July that we loved the title of, Griffin Beacon Universal Remote: Hey This iPhone Universal Remote Doesn’t Suck. He wrote, “I’ve tossed my old remote behind me. I don’t need that sucker, using the iPhone and Beacon is just as fast.”

Gizmodo has started our week off perfectly since they have selected Beacon as the best universal iPhone remote! We’re equally proud of our partner Dijit, who developed the free app. Did you catch Robert Scoble’s interview with Dijit?

The verdict is out

The verdict is out, Beacon is the best! If only we could find some cake to celebrate.

Have you tried Beacon yet? What do you think of it?

Get Beacon and let us know.

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