What Does Cinnamon, Coriander and Oregano Have To Do With PowerDock 4?

What Does Cinnamon, Coriander and Oregano Have To Do With PowerDock 4?

What does cinnamon, coriander and oregano have to do with PowerDock 4? I’m so glad you asked.

When we originally conceptualized our PowerDock 4 multiple charging bases, we considered some different ways to lay out the device. Here’s some early sketches that we reviewed with a small focus group. Griffin Technology PowerDock concepts

The group studied each design while picturing their iPods and iPhones docked within. The majority of them chose D as the best layout. Why?

They compared it to a spice rack, noting that you would be ableSpice Rack photo by: TheatricAL 03 to see each iPod’s display clearly. They added that this format would also allow for quick and easy removal.

The new PowerDock was born soon after based on the simple comparison of your typical spice rack.

(Photo by: TheatricAl)Griffin Technology PowerDock 4

6 responses to “What Does Cinnamon, Coriander and Oregano Have To Do With PowerDock 4?”

  1. pavens says:

    We are supporters of Griffin products and love the PowerDock. Would really like to know if there is a plan to allow for a usb sync cable connection? Our family syncs 4 of our ipods to the same iTunes libary and this would be a fantastic accessory to accomplish that while charging the iPods.
    Thanks and love the new Chilewich covers! Heading out to get another one for a family member.

    • FThorn says:

      Yeah, just two minutes ago I unboxed my Powerdock 4, getting ready to plug it into my Mac Mini. Looked at the back… no USB port. Looked at sides… no port! How does this thing DOCK? It doesn’t.

      Now to go back to Amazon and fill out a return request.

      Totally worthless to me to just charge. I will buy four or five Apple DOCKS and glue them to a piece of wood.

  2. Dave Delaney says:

    Thanks so much. I'll bring up the idea soon. I can't guarantee it, but
    you never know.
    We're thrilled you're loving Chilewich too. They've been very well

  3. I'd like something like this. Like pavens said, it would be awesome to sinc multiple ipods at once

  4. Vickidrogers says:

    It is now Aug, 2011 and I am in need of a powerdock 4.  My family of four has four iphones that all seem to need charging at the same time.  The powerdock 4 seemed to be the answer to my dreams however, I can’t find anyone who carries it.  Is it no longer available?

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