Stylishly Saving My Kid’s Eardrums

Stylishly Saving My Kid’s Eardrums

MyPhones | Headphones for kidsAs a dad of two young kids I have never let them use headphones. My wife and I have both been concerned about blowing their eardrums should they crank it to eleven. I’ve been concerned until now.

I’m very pleased to be introducing our MyPhones, the first volume limiting headphones for kids 3 to 12. Unlike anything else on the market MyPhones are safe, premium, over-ear headphones made specifically with your kids (and our’s) in mind.

The stylish headphones are made with an 85 decibel volume limit, so you can rest easy and enjoy them as much as your kids will. 85db is the level that pediatric audiology and safety agencies regard as ideal for kids. Combined with a break in listening every hour or two, kids’ ears are well protected from damage.

In addition to the safety factor, your kids will also love the ability to customize their MyPhones. The shell caps are removable and come with three interchangeable design inserts; they also allow for custom-drawn inserts to be placed inside. Your children can visit, with your permission of course, upload their own designs or download others. The rigid plastic carrying case included with the headphones, is large enough to put an iPod in, and allows easy grab-n-go of MyPhones. The clear plastic case shell also allows for further decoration and customization, making every pair of MyPhones as unique as your kids. Mine are really unique :) .

Here’s a look:

Drop by to learn more! Please let me know what you think.

MyPhones | Headphones for kids

  • greggehr

    Hi Dave (and the rest of the G-gang)

    Please let me know when the MyPhones are available. (and speak up, there were no MyPhones when I was growing up).

    My three yr old son's future hearing will thank you and so will I, (if I can hear you that is).


  • Dave Delaney

    Will do Gregg!
    You did say Gregg, right?!



  • Audiologies

    Those look cute, though I'm not sure how much that will “save your kids eardrums”. Nonetheless, they look like nice headphones.

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks. MyPhones are volume-limiting, to prevent harming your child's hearing.

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks. MyPhones are volume-limiting, to prevent harming your child's