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My Mom, Tech Vanguard: An Appreciation

Apple IIeIt was my Mom who introduced me to Apple.  As a teacher back in the mid ’80s, my Mom was my gateway into the Apple universe.  She brought an Apple //e home in the spring of 1984. She was going to use it for doing lesson plans and other work-related stuff.  But I don’t think she was able to get within 20 feet of it once it was set up. She taught me how it worked one afternoon, and from then on, I was entranced.

The thunk of the keys and the floppy drive door closing; the radioactive green monitor glow; the idea of “open Apple” as a command key; the enormous rush I got when I managed to get the AppleWriter printer to spit out a (really awful) short story I was writing for junior-year English … these first impressions formed the foundations of my fascination with tech in general, and Apple in specific.

30-plus years on and Mom and I have both have been through more computers, phones and tablets than we can count. But I’ll always remember that //e.  And I’ll always be thankful to my Mom for showing me something new that would eventually turn into a love, and a career.  Thanks, Mom.  I love you. ^Web



Apple IIe photo credit: By Bilby – Own work, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11119727

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