PowerMate 3 software for Snow Leopard

PowerMate 3 software for Snow Leopard

After much demand and the help of some incredible beta testers, PowerMate 3 is ready for download for Apple OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

So what’s changed?

• The addition of modifier keys to PowerMate’s 6 core action; Shift, Command, Control and Option keys join in the fun to create 96 triggering actions

• Rewritten from the ground up in Cocoa to take advantage of your Mac’s 64-bit architecture (it runs like blazes as a 32-bit application as well)

• Easier management of multiple PowerMate controllers and multiple PowerMate configurations

• New commands that allow you link PowerMate’s signature blue glow to monitor and display info about your CPU’s performance, audio levels, system volume and other information

• A new, cleaner user interface

• New Global commands and the ability to interact with core OS X applications like iTunes, Safari and Mail with a PowerMate-driven radial menu

• A new way of organizing commands by application

• Tighter AppleScript integration; PowerMate is now scriptable

Get the software now!

In all, we’ve rewritten more than 21,000 lines of code (21,417 to be precise) to make PowerMate work even harder and drive your productivity through the roof.

PowerMate 3 is a free download available now. Requires Mac OS 10.6 or greater.

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  2. Johnmullins says:

    Thanks for all the effort…it's great to get my Powemate out of the cupboard! The main page mentions 'New commands that allow you link PowerMate's signature blue glow to monitor and display info about your CPU's performance, audio levels, system volume and other information'…I can't see any way to do that in the software…in fact, it seems the light state is not alterable at all any more without scripts? Will premade commands be added for this in an update?

  3. Dave Delaney says:

    I would contact Support please for answers to your questions.

  4. Crazycleave says:

    Yes, yes, yes! I can finally stop my weekly Googling looking for a Proxi update. Thanks a million.

  5. Powermate newby says:

    Any chance of Linux support for the PowerMate in the KDE environment?
    Also, although still available through a number of resellers, the PowerMate is listed as “Out of Stock” on its Griffin page and doesn't show up in the product browser.
    Is the Powermate being discontinued?
    That would be disappointing…

  6. Dave Delaney says:

    We are expecting more PowerMate in the coming weeks. It's still on our site: http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/power
    I can't speak to Linux support, but I'll ask our software team about it on Monday.


  7. fbindc says:

    Hi – it’s September 30th and I’m still trying to buy the Powermate on your site and on Amazon. When will it be available?

  8. Powermate newby says:

    Thanks, glad to hear that.

  9. Dave Delaney says:

    There is no support for PowerMate under Linux. If you would like to write your own drivers, we can provide you with the necessary technical info. Let me know please.


  10. rowan says:

    When I click on my PowerMate in the menubar to Check for Updates it says 2.1 is the current version!

  11. Dave Delaney says:

    Please contact Support. There’s a link in the footer.
    Or try downloading the new version from the product page.

    Hope this helps.

  12. Dave Delaney says:

    November on our site, but you could try eBay too.

  13. bennypowers says:

    I bought my powermate with great expectations. When I took it home I was pleased to see that the reviews of it’s solid machining and industrial design were true. It’s a really solid piece of kit.

    That’s unfortunately where the frustration began. I installed the 3.0 driver, expecting to start flying through my audio work flows. The keystroke-based approach is flexible enough to allow a level of functionality in any app, but it does not satisfy completely.

    In most instances, I need some type of acceleration on the curve in order to make it worthwhile. Let’s say I need to scrub across a whole scene, and then refine my control for frame by frame access. If my software has modifier keys which support this, then I can use them, but it’s not very ‘intuitive’. Even worse is if the program does not have modifier keys for scrub speed.

    On top of that, many apps don’t have keyboard shortcuts for scrubbing (because scrubbing is a fluid thing, and keystrokes are discreet). And those that do might not have the level of specificity which is needed to make the tool truly useful. So I have to run ugly hacks like writing an applescript to tell quicktime player to nudge forward and then play on each tick of the wheel. But this is really not what I want, really I want to scrub the playhead.

    As well, version 3.0 of the software requires about 4x the amount of mouse clicks than it should to add a new app. I shouldn’t have to drill down to tertiary or quaternary list items 5 times in a row just to tell the thing to press left right and space in whatever app.

    The frustration that it took to get to this crippled level of functionality just wasn’t worth it. That’s why I’m going to sell my Powermate and buy a Shuttlexpress. Too bad, really. It’s a nice piece of kit, but the software just doesn’t do what it says on the box.

  14. Dave Delaney says:

    Hi Ben,
    Did you contact our Customer Service department? Please do, so we can help you directly. Thanks. http://www.griffintechnology.com/support

  15. Call Me "D" says:


    If you are using Safari version 5.x & the 3.0 PowerMate Mac software, the Default Set’s provided key press triggers for Next Tab & Previous Tab are not correct. Try these instead:

    For Next Tab: set to key press Control-Tab or to key press Command (⌘)-Shift-[
    For Previous Tab: set to key press Control-Shift-Tab or key press Command (⌘)-Shift-]

    These hot keys actually cycle through Safari 5’s tabs continuously, wrapping around from one end of the tabs to the other; the choice just controls if it steps from left to right or right to left.

  16. Fresh Mike says:

    Unfortunately on Snow Leopard, the Powermate sends a mouse click when being pressed, and horizontally moves the mouse when being rotated…

  17. istephen says:

    Great! My Powermate is back in action with version 3 sfotware running on Snow Leopard.

    Wait…Where is the PULSE ON SLEEP check box?

  18. Dave Delaney says:

    Please contact support regarding this. Thanks.

  19. stourman says:

    Well I’ve had two powermates linked up to a mac pro for a while and only could get one of them to work the volume, so downloaded the latest update with high hopes. Followed the video expecting at last to be able to configure them to do something useful. Alas, they do not respond to the new software at all, and remain as two bits of slowly pulsating aluminium furniture on my desk.. What a disappointment.. Do you have to delete the previous software… if so, shouldn’t it say so.. An expensive way to buy two paperweights.

  20. Dave Delaney says:

    Sorry to hear you’re having trouble Nick. Please contact our customer support, so we can help you.


    Please let me know how it goes.

  21. Ngoboyim says:

    where can i buy a powermate 3 and for how much

  22. Dave Delaney says:

    You’ll find PowerMate available from our site: http://store.griffintechnology.com/powermate

  23. Hello!When will the next update? The iTunes menu does not show any content (albums, artists, etc.)Greetings

  24. Dave Delaney says:

    I’m not sure what the status is on an updated version. Please contact our support department for more details on this. http://www.griffintechnology.com/support/contact


  25. Wouter Burger says:

    Please, update for Lion please because i don’t think everything is working ok.
    The led light remains off.

  26. Dave Delaney says:

    If you’re having trouble please contact our support, so we can walk you through it. Thanks. http://www.griffintechnology.com/support/contact

  27. FortitudineVincimus says:

    so wait.. no ability to set a double click?? really??

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