PowerDuo Reserve Saves Your Tunage

PowerDuo Reserve Saves Your Tunage

Griffin iPhone Reserve Battery

I heard a cool story from a friend about his unique use of our PowerDuo Reserve battery.

Last night he was installing Boxee on his Apple TV in his house. He was doing a lot of computer work in his basement using his Apple “Remote” program to play music through AirTunes.

The Remote app has an option to “leave wifi connected” so that when you unlock the phone to change songs or browse it is ‘instant on’ but this runs the battery down faster.

So…Power Reserve Battery to the rescue!!!  Around 9:00PM when his phone was dying he plugged in his Reserve battery for extra juice. This made him able to still work and use his remote.

If he had had to dock or plug his iPhone in to charge it would have been really annoying.  But the Reserve battery is small enough and lightweight enough that it doesn’t get in the way of using the iPhone as a remote.

Did I mention we now have extra Reserve batteries available too?