iTalk Recorder Still Rules!

iTalk Recorder Still Rules!

iTalk Recorder App

With iPhone’s latest 3.0 OS Voice Memos application, there’s been talk in twitterland and the blogosphere about the future of our iTalk Recorder app.

After a look at our statistics, we can happily report that unique users went up substantially since the launch of 3.0. Daily sales of iTalk Recorder Premium have also steadily increased.

I came across a great post about the comparison of both voice recording apps by Bakari Chavanu from Apple Matters. Chavanu writes:

The number one missing feature in Voice Memo is the ability to title your individual voice recordings. You can assign recordings to a particular category, such as lectures or reminders, but each of your recordings is stamped only with the time and date you started the recording.

You can read Chavanu’s full comparison in his post iTalk vs. Voice Memo.

I should add that we are working on some new features that will make iTalk unquestionably cooler. If you’re already loving iTalk, you should drop by here to say hello.