iTalk Recorder Premium now with Dropbox!

iTalk Recorder Premium now with Dropbox!

Oh no we didn’t! Oh yes we did. iTalk Recorder Premium, our popular voice recording app for iPhone and iPod now supports Dropbox.

iTalk Recorder Premium has been rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of multi-tasking in iOS 4, iTalk Recorder Premium 4.0 is voice recording the way it should be… simple, robust and searchable. Use iTalk Recorder for lectures, meetings or anywhere you want to be sure you’re getting high-quality digital recordings.

iTalk Recorder PremiumiTalk Recorder Premium with Dropbox

Features include:

• Dropbox upload support!
• Graphics updated for Retina display
• High-quality handheld recording using your iPhone or iPod touch
• Auto-noise cancellation (iPhone 4)
• Dead-simple user interface and controls – tap the big red red button to start recording, tap again to stop; scan forward, scan back when playing back your recordings
• Use the built-in Search function to locate recordings by title
• Email your recordings or use iTalk Sync (download free from for drag & drop wireless file transfers to your computer
• User-selectable sound quality – Good (11.025 kHz), Better (22.05 kHz), or Best (44.10 kHz) sample rates

Our updated version of iTalk Recorder Premium is now available in the App Store for $2.99.

  • Bobbi-Lea Dionysius

    Hi, My file is 346Mb and keeps on failing to my dropbox.
    I also tried using the sharing apps area in itunes but italk premium doesn’t show in the sharing folder?

  • Jeremy

    I’m using the app on my ipad 3 and I can’t get drop box to work at all.  Maybe I’m missing somethinb obvious but the drop box file browser appears and well, that’s it…  I can’t drop, save or do anything.  Any help you can give would be appreciated. :)  Btw, this is the premium one I’m using. 

  • Yasser Farooque

    Since the time iOS 6 got uploaded on my iPhone 4, I can not record nothing on iTalk recorder. its getting very frustrating that I press the record button and it shows as if the iTalk is recording but when I finish recording my lecture in 30 minutes its still 0.00 KBs with recording length of 0 Seconds. Its rubbish now.

    • Griffin Technology

      Yasser – Something’s definitely not working as it should. Please contact our Tech Support folks at They come back online tomorrow (Monday) at 9am Central Time.