Is it compatible with the Verizon iPhone?

Is it compatible with the Verizon iPhone?

We are very proud to be a Verizon Wireless Launch Partner for iPhone 4.

We’ve had plenty of questions via Twitter, Facebook and to our Support team about our product compatibility with Verizon iPhone 4. I decided that the best way to get all of the answers was to have a chat with our Customer Service Manager, Mike Shepherd.

Mike Shepherd D: Hi Mike! What’s physically different with the Verizon iPhone compared to the AT&T iPhone?

M: Howdy Dave. The only major difference is that the volume buttons on the Verizon iPhone are slightly lower than they are on phones available from AT&T. If you’re not sure which phone you have, look at the top of the phone: If there’s no black antenna line between the headphone jack and the sleep/wake button, it’s a Verizon phone.

D: How do I know if a particular iPhone case will fit?

Verizon iPhone 4 caseM: The best way to know is to look at the opening for the volume buttons and the hold switch (pictured here). If there’s a single, large opening for all three, then odds are it will work great with the new Verizon iPhone. We also have a handy red iPhone 4 icon on our site to help you.

D: What does CDMA stand for? What is it?

M: CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access, which is one of the two major types of network that most cellular carriers use. There are a lot of technical differences, which you can read up on here:

The physical antennas are different, which is why Verizon’s iPhone model is slightly different.

D: What about other accessories, like chargers and FM transmitters?

M: We haven’t come across any compatibility differences.

D: Is it true that you have a band and that you totally rock?

M: That is 100% true. Check out Gentleman Divers!

D: Thanks Mike!