That old iPhone is new again.

That old iPhone is new again.

accessories for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and moreNew tech under the tree often means that someone below you in the pecking order else inherits the now-superannuated iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.  

If you’re that someone, here are some quick steps you can take to make that iPhone 4 your own.

1) Remove all traces of the former owner.  Make sure the previous owner has synced his or her iOS device one last time before connecting it you your iTunes account.  The easiest, quickest way to clean house is to open your iTunes account, connect your iPhone/iPod/iPad using your Dock Cable and do a full factory Restore.  This is also a great way to get rid of the former owners apps and embarrassing musical choices.

2) Rename the device.  This will be part of the Restore process.  Go crazy with the name. Want to name it “Super Amazing Awesome Machine”?  Go for it.   It’s your iPhone now.

3) Get some new gear.  The previous owner may be hoarding ear buds, USB cables and even a beloved case or two.  No matter.  We’ve got all the cases, cables and other gear you need on sale now through the end of January.  Just hit the store ( and load up.  And remember, orders over $29.99 ship free.

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