Cook with your iPad from 3 meters away!

Cook with your iPad from 3 meters away!

iPad stand

Welcome to Loop!

A clean, simple stand, weighted and shaped to hold your iPad upright for viewing, or laid back for surfing and typing, in both landscape and portrait modes. VIDEO HERE.

Loop’s cushioned cradle protects your iPad from scratches and prevents unwanted movement while you use it. The open-loop design leaves room to plug in your dock cable so you can charge and sync during use. Non-slip rubber feet protect your furniture and hold everything steady.

and speaking of dock cables…

Ever wished you could charge and use your iPad at the same time, even if the nearest AC outlet was out of reach?

Our 3 Meter USB-to-Apple Dock cable is almost 10 feet long and built with heavy-duty 20-gauge conductors to handle the 2.1 amp power needs of Apple’s iPad.

Connect this cable to your computer’s USB port to sync your iPad, iPod, or iPhone; or to any 2 amp USB power source (we suggest our own 2 amp PowerBlock or PowerJolt) and charge from almost 10 feet away.

Extra-Long Dock Cable

  • Adonis Ramich

    Yeah, that is cool, but I can't use the stupid Ipod after the update to V4, anyone else ? Lost all apps, contacts everything, just like it reformatted