All Tablets must stand

All Tablets must stand

According to Juniper Research, tablet shipments are to exceed 80 million in the next five years, that’s huge!

While we know that 95% of the tablets shipped are iPads, there is still a growing market of other tablet devices available now and coming soon. Just a look on Engadget will blow your mind!

While we make plenty of incredible accessories for your iPad, we also want to be sure that we don’t leave our friends using other tablet devices out in the cold.

Folding Stand for iPad, Galaxy Tab, and other tablet PCsTablet Stand

Our new Tablet Stand is a simple, beautiful, and portable tool that helps you get the most out of your tablet device wherever you use it. The light-weight, yet sturdy, A-frame design swings open to hold your tablet upright in either portrait or landscape view—perfect for reading, watching videos, or viewing pictures.

Close the Tablet Stand and lay it down to hold your tablet at the perfect angle for desktop or tabletop surfing, reading, or gaming. A built-in soft cushion cradles your tablet and leaves room for cables.

Tablet Stand is designed to accommodate a range of tablet devices, including iPad, GALAXY Tab, and most other 7-10 inch tablets, and their cases, so your tablet won’t have to leave its case.

Grab one now!