No Headphone Jack? No Problem! 4 Ways iTrip Clip Makes Any Phone Better

So the iPhone 7 and Moto Z killed the headphone jack.  Don’t mourn it. Seriously. Don’t. Your life is about to improve in ways you can’t even imagine.  That’s because freeing yourself from the tyranny of that tiny little 3.5mm lint collector creates freedom like you’ve never had before.

  • Now any headphones are wireless – Whether they’re cheapy throwaway gas-station earbuds, high-end over-the-ear cans, or anything in between, the cable connection between you and your phone has always been less than ideal. Plug your earbuds or headphones into iTrip Clip, wrap up the cord around one of our Cable Wrap cord organizers and see how amazing life becomes when you’re not fighting cable tangles any more.
  • Wireless sound system in your car – The average age of a car on the road is about 11 years. Which means that while you probably have a car stereo with an AUX jack as standard equipment, you probably don’t have Bluetooth. Even base models on most newer cars don’t offer Bluetooth connectivity. iTrip Clip fixes that. Pop any AUX cable (we can hook you up) into the AUX input (there’s likely one hiding in your armrest console if it’s not on the front of the car stereo itself), plug in your iTrip Clip and you’ve got music, track and volume controls and hands-free calling at your fingertips.
  • Wireless sound system at home – Send music to your home system wirelessly. Just plug in an AUX cable or an RCA-to-AUX cable, add iTrip Clip and you’re piping music into the big speakers.
  • Plug in to ANY speaker or PA – You’re at a party, the playlist is killing the vibe and you take over as DJ. The sound system’s got an AUX cable, but your phone doesn’t.  No big deal as long as you’ve got iTrip Clip along for the ride.  Plug iTrip Clip into the system’s AUX cable and roll.

Bank on it. What the Moto Z started, and the iPhone 7 wrote large across the tech world’s consciousness will only gather steam from here on in. Two years from now, sitting around dinner tables, I predict we’ll look back on 1/8″ stereo plug with the same what-were-we-thinking fondness we reserve for skinny jeans, eight-track tapes, and buggy whips.

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