What iPad looked like in 1994

What iPad looked like in 1994

History of the tabletPeter Kafka recently wrote a great post on All Things Digital about the adoption of tablet devices and how it has effected the newspaper industry. The post is entitled Here’s What an iPad Looked Like in 1994.

What’s incredible is how far the tablet has come over the years. While many of us think of iPad when we think of tablets, we can see that this concept has been around since 1988. Check out the infograph by Simplify360.

While this 1994 video looks at the digital future of newspapers, it’s especially interesting to see a working tablet from 17 years ago.

Click the image for a larger look at this infograph.


What was your first tablet device? What do you have now?

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    “Plus, people like advertising…” hahaha They did accurately describe iAds, however.