Welcome Makers!

Welcome Makers!

Mini Maker Faire Nashville is this Saturday, and we’re crazy stoked to welcome all you Makers to our neck of the woods.

Nashville (and especially our neighborhood) has a vibrant maker culture that encompasses music, art, food, beer and of course, technology. A crowd-sourced community darkroom was just funded, where aspiring photographers can learn how to develop and print their own film. Fort Houston, Nashville’s newest Maker Space is open and doing some super cool stuff.

_MG_7937 _MG_7958And, you know, not that we’re bragging, but we’re makers too. We get to play around in an amazing modeling/prototyping shop as we develop cool new gear for the tech you love.

Our model shop has a CNC machine, 3D printing, laser cutting, TIG welding, metal shop, paint/finishing booth, and a separate electronics shop, including acoustic and RF testing.

Oh. And we roll up the garage doors and grill on Thursdays rain or shine.

If you’re a maker, or even if you’re just maker-curious, head down to Adventure Science Center (another neighbor!) this Saturday between 10am and 5pm and get your make on!

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