We want to meet you!

We want to meet you!

As many of you who read this blog know, we’re heading to CES in January. The best part of this trip is that we’re actually driving there.

Five of us are jumping in a 37 year old VW bus. This rust bucket that we found in a field in Kentucky horse farm in north Tennessee (on Craigslist) has been a pet project for the last few weeks at Griffin headquarters in Nashville.

Together with the mechanical and electrical geniuses who bring you so many cool products, we’ve been working on fixing up the bus so it will actually make the 2,476 miles to Las Vegas.

A big part of this journey is our desire to connect with you in person. We’re cramming the bus full of Griffin goodies to give away to the cool people we meet along the way, namely you!

The full schedule is on the CES Bound site. I am happy to announce meet ups have been arranged in New Orleans and Phoenix. These will be held at local pubs where we’ll kick it with you for a round or two?

We’ll also be stopping in Austin for New Years Eve, El Paso or Las Cruces, somewhere in the Grand Canyon, and eventually Las Vegas. We’ll also need to stop for lunch, would you like to meet us for a quick bite?

A road trip is all about the friends you meet on your journey. We do hope you’ll RSVP then join us along the way.

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