Traveling?  Here’s how to charge everything without overpacking.

Traveling? Here’s how to charge everything without overpacking.

Though we’ll only be at Ghost Ranch for a week on vacation, my family, my mom, and my brother’s family are packing more computing power than the first 20 Space Shuttle missions needed.  To wit:

    • 2 iPhones
    • 2 iPod touches
    • 4 iPads (2 1st generation, 1 2nd, 1 3rd)
    • 1 Galaxy Nexus
    • 1 Samsung Intensity
    • 1 Droid X
    • 1 Garmin nüvi
    • 1 Journi sound system (an oldie, but a goodie)
    • 3 point-n-shoot cameras (Canon)
    • 2 Nintendo DSs

The horror of cables.  And adapters.  But not really.  Because if I shuffle up the list, I really only need a couple of cables and two charging blocks.

    • 1) USB to Dock Connector Cable – all 8 iOS devices, the journi
    • 2) USB to Micro USB – Droid X, Galaxy Nexus
    • 3) USB to mini USB – Garmin, 3 cameras, Samsung Intensity
    • 4) PowerDuo Reserve and 3 Reserve batteries – (a PowerJolt Reserve,  PowerBlock Reserve)

PowerDuo Reserve

So instead of a dozen or so cables, I’ll be packing a PowerDuo Reserve and a Mini Cable Kit and squeezy-cheezy nice and easy, I’m charging all of the things.

Of course, I’ll have to bring along a Nintendo DS car charger.  And one for a Nintendo DSi.  But I’m pretty stoked that I can handle all of my charging needs with just a couple of products that Griffin makes.  And not bringing along a dozen cords means not leaving a dozen cords behind in the room on returning home.

You can get both right here.  Note that PowerDuo Reserve ships with 1 included Reserve battery pack.  You can order more if you like.

USB Mini Cable Kit

Now one might argue that vacations are supposed to be about family togetherness.  And that’s true.

But since the dawn of smartphones and affordable GPS, family vacations are also about grownups’ endless arguing over whether to get to Sandia Peak using directions from Google Maps or Suze Garmin or VZW Navigator.  While one kid looks at LOLCats.  And the other texts obscure Homestuck quotes to his friends.

So how about you?  What packing-foo do you know to lessen the trouble of taking your tech on the road?  Has the iPad meant that you can leave the laptop at home?  Are you still packing a point-and-shoot despite the fact that your iPhone may take a higher-resolution picture?

Happy travels everyone.


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