Top 5 Tech April Fools’ Day Pranks

We’re huge fans of the ridiculous pranks tech companies trot out each April Fools’ Day. From ferrets in high-visibility construction vests to fake products that become real, here are five of our favorite April Fools’ Day tech pranks.

thinkgeek_tauntaun_sleeping_bag#1 – ThinkGeek’s Tauntaun Sleeping Bag began as an April Fools’ prank, but the overwhelming public demand for the real thing resulted in a real-life product you can actually buy from their website! We assume that it will be able to keep you at least Luke-warm. (wait for it … Thank you.)

#2 – Atlassian’s (we heart JIRA btw!) Bitbucket team figured out how to make developers more productive – by spooning. Sometimes the best productivity boost can be found in non-threatening workplace intimacy.

1427816160_selfie-shoes-miz-mooz-zoom#3 – 2015’s obligatory selfie-related prank was courtesy of shoe company Miz Mooz’s Selfie Shoes! Once we saw their ability to get a consistently great selfie, our groans turned to thoughtful consideration.

ferrets_under_construction#4 – Virgin Media employs a fleet of furry ferrets to bring internet access to rural areas in the UK. The article additionally gives a history lesson on previous ferret contributions to human civilization.

survivor_google_glass#5 – We added our own contribution to must-have tech accessories in 2014 with our Griffin Survivor for Google Glass, which protects the fashionable headgear from the elements, but does not improve on the number of disapproving looks from total strangers.

unsuspecting_coworker#6 (bonus!) – Finally, we know a thing or two about gift wrapping every single item on your coworker’s desk, or perhaps rendering their mouse useless. TechSpot’s got an excellent roundup of things you can do to annoy the people you love, or at least tolerate. What other (non-HR-actionable) pranks can you pull on unsuspecting coworkers?

We love the effort the tech sector puts into April Fools’ Day’s hilarious innovations.  So what about you? How do you the mark the solemn occasion of April 1?  The comments are open.

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