Share Your Instagram Shots from the Apple Line and You Could Win!

Share Your Instagram Shots from the Apple Line and You Could Win!

Who wants to win stuff? Everyone!

For fanpeople and linestanders everywhere, behold our first-ever Instagram Photo Scavenger Hunt.  Turn your idle Instagramming as you wait for the new iPhone into the possibility of big prizes from the Griffin Treasure Box. If we pick your Instagrammed shot, why not turn your idle Instagramming into the possibility of winning your choice of Survivor or Survivor Clear for your new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c.

Here’s how to play…

  • As you’re waiting in line (or on line/queueing up/what have you), shoot one or more of the items on our scavenger hunt list.
  • Put it up on Instagram with the hashtag #griffintech before 5 pm Pacific time, Friday, 20 Sept 2013.  Make sure you’re following as (@griffintech) so we can get in touch if you win.
  • We’ll pick 12 lucky winners at random.

…and here’s the list:

  1. Apple Store Opening T-Shirt
  2. 5 empty to-go coffee cups
  3. Doting wife/husband/partner brings food/beverage/charger cord
  4. Griffin case
  5. Using-3-Devices-at-Once Guy
  6. iPad videographer
  7. Vertical iPhone Movie shooter (#doingitwrong)
  8. iPod, U2 edition (the red and black one)
  9. A camping chair with built-in footrests
  10. The first iPhone 5c purchased
  11. The first iPhone 5s purchased
  12. Ill-advised fedora
  13. Pizza Delivery
  14. Tech tattoo
  15. D&D Game in progress
  16. Picture of someone taking a picture of the line
  17. Makeshift tent city
  18. Old-school boombox (two entries if it’s playing a cassette)
  19. Grill in use (gas, charcoal or electric)
  20. Anachronistic t-shirt (e.g. Led Zepplin concert t on a 24-year old)

So have at it, all ye Apple faithful. Prizes and fame await.

FULL RULES: To enter, post a photograph of an item on the above list to Instagram, with the hashtag #griffintech in the description. Winners will be selected at random. Winners will be notified via a mention on Instagram, and asked to DM @griffintech on Twitter to provide contact information. Questions? Email

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