Running for dorks – How Technology, my iPhone and Nerdery Got Me Through My First 5K

Running for dorks – How Technology, my iPhone and Nerdery Got Me Through My First 5K

If I had known that running was so simple, I would have started running years ago.

But as it is, it took a long slow shamble through the world of gear dorkery to get me up off my couch to the starting line of a half marathon (and then over to a local tattoo parlor for celebratory ink; on which, more, later.)

Before there were apps for everything, there was a podcast called “Robert Ullrey’s C25K Podcast.”  Based on a program built by Josh Clark in 1996 ( , Ullrey’s series of MP3s was designed to take even the most slovenly couch potato and train them over the course of 9 weeks to be able to complete a 5k race.  Ullrey’s easy-going instruction over a continuous music track made the process easy.  Or at least as easy as overcoming 20 years of physical and mental inertia could be.  So I loaded the podcasts onto my iPod classic, dug out some running shoes and walked out the front door.

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Surprisingly enough, it worked for me.  And millions of others worldwide.  The gradual approach that began with short intervals of running followed by much-welcomed walk periods did as it promised, and by the end of the nine week period, I was running enough to be able to cover 4 miles in under an hour–glacial by most standards, but lightning-fast compared to prior attempts.

I can’t recommend Ullrey’s podcast – or whatever flavor OF C25K works for you – highly enough.  And it’s available in Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish and Turkish.

If you do find Ullrey’s podcast useful, toss a couple of bucks his way.  He’s put together a pretty comprehensive page of links and resources.

We’re giving away a ton of running gear, including our new Trainer Armband all week long.  Someone’s going to win.  Maybe it could be you?  Click here to enter.

What about you?  Have you managed to get off the couch and on to the road thanks to apps?

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  1. abitnerdy says:

    The title of the blog really caught my attention! downloaded a few of the podcast and will be sharing with a few friends who want to start running! Love the new arm ban, I’ve been running for a while, but lack proper gear X) 

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