Renfaire Weekend:  Get thee to a nerdery, then win “Game of Thrones” in HD

Renfaire Weekend: Get thee to a nerdery, then win “Game of Thrones” in HD

We’re giving away Season One of Game of Thrones next week. More on that later.

Rennfaire Is Icumen In

Meantime, it would appear that I am on the hook to chaperone my offspring and their peers at The Tennessee Renaissance Festival this weekend.

Photo credit:  Tennessee Renaissance FestivalI’m not going to make snarky jokes about it because :

a) because I’ve never been to a renfaire before

b)I feel my nerducation is incomplete until I’ve been to one, and

c) it’s the perfect opportunity for my 10-year-old daughter to wear this awesome set of faerie wings I bought her a couple of years ago at Bonnaroo. (Though because they’re modelled more on a dragonfly’s twin set of wings, I wonder if they’re more pixie than faerie).

So I’m sort of feeling my way through the dos and don’ts of attendance.

For example, I figure that the rennfaire is as good as any place to wear my Ultilikilt.  (Incidentally, I’m happy to report that Griffin is a kilt-friendly workplace).  And my tall orange Beer socks are always a good bet.

And while the presence of the kids will put a considerable crimp in my ribaldry, I can be pretty sure that both large steins of lager AND enormous roast turkey legs will be available for any of us who decide we want to get our Henry VIII on.

But there are still some unanswered questions that give me pause:

1) Is it polite to take pictures of people in costume?

2) Is it fair to assume that the wild popularity of HBO’s epic pulpfest “Game of Thrones” will result in larger crowds?

3) Will said crowds be disappointed at the jousting demonstrations when razor-sharp wood shards don’t pierce the throat of the gallant, but ultimately foolhardy hedge knight Sir Hugh?

4) Next-to-last G.O.T.-related question:  Would the rennfaire be a good place to purchase a pair of greaves? Or sabatons?


Photo Credit: Tennessee Renaissance Festival

Game of Thrones Season One?  Free?  I’d like that much and more!

5) Last G.O.T.-related question: Are you interested in getting the entire 1st season of Game of Thrones in HD?  Because we’re giving it away.  For free. As in zero dragons.

How?  Easy.  Just add us to a Circle on your Google + page.  That’s all.  We’ll draw one name every day from all of the Adds we get over on our Google+ page next week (May 14th – May 18th) and gift you Game of Thrones: Season One in HD from the iTunes store.

So hie thee hence to the Google whilst I and my smallfolk betake ourselves to bend the knee at Castle Gwynne in Triune, Tennessee this weekend.  (I hope the glue in my direwolf hat is dry by then.)


2 responses to “Renfaire Weekend: Get thee to a nerdery, then win “Game of Thrones” in HD”

  1. Bruce Epper says:

    Answers to your questions:
    1) Most people are happy to pose for pics
    2) Not sure as I missed them in AZ this year
    3) Folks are generally not that bloodthirsty, but with the current political and economic effects on many minds, that could be a serious consideration.
    4) Absolutely!  I’ve been ogling some mighty impressive swords during my last couple of appearances at the faire.
    5) Damn straight!  Already put in my +.

  2. Thanks for the reply, Bruce.  And for the Add over on G+.  Turns out we were rained out this weekend.  I know we lose points for not going hardcore and seeing it in the rain, but it runs through the end of the month and spirits would be, on the whole, much higher with dry weather.  So next weekend, it’s on.  Details and pics to follow.

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