Our President got a Zombie Makeover!

Even when Halloween isn’t just a few days away, zombies are everywhere these days. We wanted to get in on the fun so when our president, Mark Rowan, was appointed board of directors of NECAT—an organization who just so happens to teach a zombie make-up class— we jumped at the chance. Or, rather we convinced Mark to!

NECAT (Nashville Education, Community, and Arts Television) is a local non-profit that champions exposing middle Tennesseans to arts and educational TV programming, as well as training people interested in making TV shows how to do so. This mission is displayed throughout many events they host throughout the year, including a Zombie TV Camp targeted at local students age 13 and up.

NECAT Artist-in-Residence, Rick Prince, is the zombie makeup expert who led the Zombie TV Camp and zombified Mark. Rick recently showed off his skills on Season 5 of the SyFy channel hit special effects makeup and prosthetics show, Face Off.

A few decisions had to be made before the marathon makeup session. Was Mark a dead, bloody zombie or a really dead, gray zombie? Was he a casual zombie in tattered clothes, or a formal zombie in a tuxedo. After much discussion, it was unanimous that Mark’s zombie alter ego would be wearing a tux!

MarkRowan_Zombie_07Zombie makeup is not for the faint of heart…or for the low on time. Application, from start-to-finish, took roughly three hours and included many different types of prosthetic materials, glue, paint, and brushes.

Once Mark was completely zombified, and we had taken his brand new headshot, it was time for the part none of us had thought of—the makeup removal! Because a super glue level adhesive is used, the removal was about as tedious as the application, but after about 30 minutes Mark was back to the Griffin president we are more used to (and less afraid of)!

Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!

Griffin Marketing Brand Manager Erin Whetsel isn’t a big fan of zombies, but she LOVES “Thriller”.

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