Our Halloween Costume Party Winners…

Our Halloween Costume Party Winners…

On October 13th we announced a contest for you to dress up your favorite Griffin product(s) in a Halloween costume. You could do so with Photoshop or with your own materials. The entries were fantastic!

The following is a screencast of us choosing our favorites. We’ll be in touch with the winners next week.

1st place wins a $300 USD shopping spree on www.griffintechnology.com.
2nd place wins one AirCurve, a PowerDuo Reserve and our new iTrip. Total MSRP $130.00
3rd place wins one AirCurve and one PowerDuo Reserve. Total MSRP $80.00

Congratulations to everyone! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

  • kelex

    that was fun getting to hear you guys judging the contest! nice video. thanks for sharing!


  • http://www.griffintechnology.com/connect Dave Delaney

    Thanks for watching it. It was a fun contest!


  • SB

    Wish I hadn’t watched that, then at least I could go on believing that even picture was given a decent look. you should have started wit the first people to enter, who also give cool names to their pictures. you look at the last minute entries for 30 seconds and gave the biggest fans (the first to enter) less than 3. The guy who walked in half way through was interested in the entrance you looked at last, but you were all clearly over it. After spend a heap of time look at a number photos of the same entry, maybe each person should have uploaded 4 phones. (note to self, next time enter last and just use photoshop)