Free Ideas for Mother's Day!

Loving Is Free. Mother’s Day Can Be Too.

Not every celebration needs a lavish party or an expensive bill—some of the most meaningful memories are forged from the effort behind a well-thought-out plan. No wallet required (but we recommend taking it with you for emergencies, like afternoon cocktails). Check out this list of free to low-cost activities perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day.

Help Her With the Technology Problems She’s Having

Sometimes we take our technological savvy for granted. We might be able to post a fully filtered and resized photo to Instagram in a minute or two. We also might understand the difference between FaceTime and FaceTime Audio. She may not. Set aside some time during the day and help her get better acquainted with her tech and set up those apps she’s been wanting, like Snapchat. Trust us, you won’t regret it when mom and dad start face-swapping. Or will you?

Make Dinner Together

Whether you love to cook or not, there’s something about being in the kitchen with your family that just feels right. Get everyone together, pick out a meal, head to the grocery store and get to work. Pro tip: If you’re cooking dinner, pick a recipe that requires wine, so anyone 21+ gets to drink it after using the amount the recipe calls for. After you finish cooking, sit down at the table and talk—really talk. Also, don’t let the special lady do any of the dishes. Let her relax and enjoy her evening.

Movie Night

With services like Redbox, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime streamed through technology like Apple TV, Google Chromecast or Amazon Firestick, bringing the movie theater home is easier than ever. Not only do you have less distance to travel to the bathroom if you can’t make it through the movie, you also don’t have to act like both you and the ticket attendant don’t see the pre-made popcorn, candy and beverages stuffed down your sweatshirt. Bonus: comfy couches, pajama attire and snuggling with mom.

Scavenger Hunt

Start by making a few gifts for mom. We recommend coupons that are redeemable at a later time and date, like “good for one mani-pedi lunch date” or “get out of watching the grandkids free”. (If you don’t have kids yet, save that for another Mother’s Day—trust us, both parents will appreciate it.) Hide each gift under items that hold sentimental value—family photos, vacation souvenirs, milestone memories, holiday gifts, etc. Then, make the clues. The trick to a really good scavenger hunt lies herein. Make sure you get started early because you don’t want them to be too simple or too difficult. Find the happy medium—you know her best.

It’s not too late to start planning a perfect Mother’s Day for your mom. Start with one of our activities here and make it your own. If the ideas above don’t inspire you, try these 5 Ways to Make Mother’s Day Unforgettable.

Do you already know what you’re doing for Mother’s day? Share it with us in the comments.

If you’re really stuck and can’t find the time to plan a free or low-cost activity for you and your mom, check out our Mother’s Day Gift guide here.


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