Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

We could use this post to promote accessories to help you cook your Thanksgiving meal, like our screen care kits for iPad and iPhone. We could use this time to point out that our Cabinet Mount, the adjustable fold-away swivel mount for your kitchen, is the perfect way to cook with your iPad. Heck, we could even share our 3 Meter USB to Dock Cable, to be sure your iPad stays fully powered as you’re slicing and dicing. 😉

Instead of the above, we’ve decided to share a few last minute tips for Thanksgiving instead.

Check out Lifehacker’s Your Last-Minute Guide to Thawing a Turkey. You should also give RealSimple’s How to Fix 10 Common Thanksgiving Problems a read too.


If you have anxieties about Thanksgiving, why not pick up a book to help relax you? The Huffington Post has shared 17 Classic Travel Books To Take Your Mind Off Your Worries.

Don’t forget to keep the kids happy too, here are some tips from Kaboose: Thanksgiving Games for Kids.

Thank YOU

Regardless of how you celebrate Thanksgiving, everyone at Griffin is thankful for your business. Have a wonderful time with your families and friends during the holiday. If you’re one of our international customers, we hope you can cook up a little turkey too.

Happy Thanksgiving!