Happy birthday Jim Henson!

Happy birthday Jim Henson!

It was Jim Henson‘s birthday on Friday. We knew this when we spotted Woogie featured in the iTunes app store!
Woogie App

I grew up on Jim Henson, like most of you (all of you?). I was a big Cookie Monster fan, perhaps it accounts for my constant cravings for cookies. Yum!

I came across a great post on Legacy.com which lists 20 facts about Jim Henson. One of the most interesting facts is that “The Muppet Show” was initially rejected by American networks, who feared it would not attract an adult audience. Eventually, it would be produced and syndicated, airing 120 episodes over a five year period.


Who is your favorite Sesame Street or Muppet Show character? Why?

Happy belated birthday Jim. Rest in peace.