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Griffin’s Top Summer Travel Tips

Summer’s here and chances are good that you and the fam are headed out on some sort of vacation. Last week, we asked you to share your top travel tips to keep the kids happy on family trips.  Here’s what you told us.

Most entries involved…you guessed it…a movie on an iPad or an app on a smartphone. Just don’t forget the charger and earbuds…or that peace and quiet can go away really quick.

Awesome snacks! This one seems as critical for parents as is it is to the kids…just sayin’. What’s a road trip without Chili Cheese Fritos?

Music. Lots of great music. And family sing-a-longs…think Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation.

Coloring books-an oldie but a goodie!

Car Bingo from MomsMiniVan.comMy personal favorite as a kid…Auto Bingo. Here’s a link from where you can find a free, printable version of this fun and challenging game:  It’s a blast!

Toys, toys and more toys! Bring along their fave stuffed animals and race cars to keep them occupied and feeling safe…especially for nights in unfamiliar places.

Get them involved in the trip. I love this one! Buy a cheap disposable camera for them to take pics along the route, or give them a map to follow and books to read about the areas you’ll be visiting.

Don’t be afraid to stop along the way. (My Dad HATED stopping.) This keeps them engaged AND gives everyone a chance to stretch their legs. If something looks interesting to them, stop for a few minutes and chat about why. A few 20 minute stops may seem like a lot of time off the road but can save your sanity if it keeps the peace.

Who doesn’t love family-friendly road games like I Spy, Twenty Questions, or the Alphabet Game? These are always fun.

Separate bins/bags for each child. Pack their favorite games, devices and toys into their own bag to reduce the fighting that can happen when in close quarters. Thanks for sharing this, Sherrie H! Your Griffin travel swag bag is on its way!

We hope you found some tricks in here you hadn’t thought of that can help your next Summer trip to be the BEST ONE YET!

Do you have any tips we haven’t mentioned? Please share! And save 30% through this weekend on all the Griffin gear you need for your Summer roadtrip. 

Happy traveling! – ^HH

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  1. Galyna says:

    Thanks for the tips, especially for the”Music. Lots of great music” – 100% agree

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