Griffin Designer Series Focus : Danny McClain

Griffin Designer Series Focus : Danny McClain

“I’ve always been interested in art and making things, ever since I was a little kid. I grew up skateboarding and playing music. Seeing cool show flyers, record covers, graffiti, and skate decks definitely played a major role in me becoming a graphic artist. I don’t know if there was a single point in my life when I got started making art; I think it was more like I just never stopped. I started making things when I was little, and I still make things today. Making is the best.”

So says Danny McClain, a designer/illustrator/artist living in Nashville, Tennessee, where he works as a web designer. “It’s nice having a job where I’m creating visual things, but things that are so different from the type of work I do in my personal time. It’s good to have that balance between the structured, polished things I make at work and the more wild, crude things I make on my own.”
Danny McClain, Dumbfounded
Danny’s personal work is innocent and playful, focusing on positive things, a celebration of life, fun, and good vibes. “I have a love for crude drawings, minimalism, screen prints, and hand drawn typography.”

His favorite medium? “Straight-up pencil on paper. There’s something magical to me about pencils and the line qualities that you can get with them. I like to make crude, spontaneous lines and shapes, and I haven’t found anything better to do that with than a pencil.”

We asked him to pick a favorite from among his designs reproduced in the Griffin Designer Series. Don’t Give Up is a favorite “because life can be hard, or just frustrating sometimes, and it’s important to tough out the tough times and remember how awesome it is to be alive.” Space Scene is another favorite because “I’m borderline obsessed with space,” and because of the overlapping lines and shapes.

You can see more of Danny’s work on his blog: sketches, doodles, works in progress, and finished work he updates regularly.


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