Your kids will love our Toys”R”Us app

Your kids will love our Toys”R”Us app

Geoffrey's Memory GameI have two toddlers at home who keep stealing my iPhone. I’ve got an entire page dedicated to apps for children, it’s my own fault.

I have yet to come across a great memory game. That’s why I’m so proud of our recent partnership and development of the Toys”R”Us Geoffrey’s Memory Game app.

The free app is a new spin on the classic card matching game. It allows kids to test their memorization skills, flipping over cards in an attempt to find a matching picture. On a side note, my kid’s memories are way better than mine!

The game has three levels of difficulty, it’s fun and simple to use. You can grab it now for free from the iTunes App Store.

And If you’re a grown up with a poor memory here’s 60 tips to improve yours. I just keep forgetting to visit the page. :)

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