Best Halloween Costume Ever?

Best Halloween Costume Ever?

At Griffin we’re encouraged to celebrate Halloween to the best of our ability. We’ve seen a pink bunny, a wicked witch and ice cream sandwich (to name a few) stroll through our doors on October 31st.

This year we could try to create our most original costumes ever, but how can we compete with this?

Pete Cashmore at Mashable writes:

The costumes took 3 weeks to build, with each weighing 85lbs and requiring a car battery to be worn between the wearer’s legs. An iPhone 3GS is attached to a 42″ LCD screen (not touch screen, alas), turning the wearer into a human-sized iPhone. Co-creator John Savio writes:

This all started two years ago Reko Rivera and Bobby Hartman created a wearable large iPhone costume with a real 37″ lcd tv. An iPod was attached with a looping video of a real iphones screen in normal use. This time with the help of John Savio and John Matthews the team created yet another amazing rendition of the new iPhone 3GS…The team has about $2000 into the two costumes and has no regrets!

[via the Macrumors Forums]

Speaking of costumes, our Griffin Flickr costume contest is wrapping up this Friday.

We’ve got a $300 shopping spree for the best costume, plus a few extra treats for our 2nd and 3rd place runner ups. Good luck!

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  1. Costumes says:

    That is probably the most insane costumes I have ever seen. I'm want one of those, how were they made? These are awesome —- That has got to be heavy and I cannot imagine having the battery between your legs – But I Still Want One!

  2. WOW! Those super cool! A car battery and it weighs 85 pounds. Did they happen to put a chair in them too! lol I would sure need one. I can't get over the screens actually switch pictures! That is really great! How can anyone compete with that!

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