Battle of the Woogies

Battle of the Woogies

Woogie kids case for iPhone and iPod touchDuring CES this year we had lots of fun with our booth visitors. Here’s an example of how we danced to win a Woogie in our Boogie for Woogie giveaway.


Feel free to leave us a comment with who you think the best dancer in our Boogie for Woogie video is.

Everyone loved the new pink and blue versions of our popular, kid-friendly, iPhone and iPod case. We tried to gauge which color was most popular, but we couldn’t do it. Now we need your help.

It’s your turn to vote in the Battle of the Woogies. Please take a moment to share which color Woogie you prefer. Pink or Blue?

Don’t forget to download our free Woogie app. You’ll love his and her fun eyes and interactive sounds.

  • skellingtonjack

    how unfortunate people still seem bent on reinforcing “girl” and “boy” colors as pink and blue. was much happier with the more gender-neutral green of the original.

  • Dave Delaney

    Duly noted David. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment about this.
    I’m going to pass your comment along to our category manager, so that this can be considered in the future.


  • robomonkey

    Blue!  I love the color contrast b/w the blue on the body and the green on the feet.  Both my kids would love it.

    • Dave Delaney


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