Art & Copy

Art & Copy

The other day our marketing and design departments had a fun outing to our favorite local cinema, the Belcourt Theatre, to see a screening of Doug Pray’s Art & Copy.

The documentary told the story of some of the world’s most successful advertising companies and the brands they helped create. It’s about originality, creativity and passion.

Ad Age’s Bart Cleavland describes the film well:

It started with three people and a dream. They dreamed of doing things their way. They didn’t plan to change the industry or the culture. They just wanted to be the best they could be. And in making the dream come true, an industry grew up.

I asked a few folks at Griffin what they took away from the film:

George – My favorite quote was George Luis, something like: “If you’ve got a bad product, I can’t help you, but if your product is good enough, I can make anything/anyone famous.”  Those aren’t his words, but that was his message (around the Tommy Hilfiger discussion).

I think the general take away from me was that advertising has the power to elevate a brand in people’s eyes in ways that even the creators themselves sometimes don’t understand (Just Do It, Got Milk?).  And that good advertising is emotionally engaging, resonates with the user, and if done well, becomes “art” as history looks back (the surfer guy said this about Toulouse-Lautrec’s posters for the bars/cafes in his time).

WhitPersonally, I thought it was great. I found it compelling the way it displayed the creative process, almost in spite of whatever large, “soulless” company commissioned the ad…sort of a charge to creative people to take risk and be creative in any context.

Melanie I loved listening to the old codgers pontificate about the good ol’ days, about how they shaped the art of advertising – the whole film could have been interviews with them, and i would have been intrigued.  (I) also enjoyed hearing about how some of the most groundbreaking & memorable commercials almost never made it to air.

What’s your all time favorite commercial(s)?

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  1. KaTom says:

    Two words: Cat Herding.

  2. Dave Delaney says:

    Ha! Is that on YouTube?

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