Introducing Griffin’s Wired Keyboard

Over the past several months, we’ve heard countless tales of school districts making themselves ready for Digital Standardized Testing. Whether your state uses PARCC or SBAC, we’ve been reading through the requirements and seeing what we can do to ease the pain a bit of becoming test ready, especially for testing on the iPad. Although the iPad is an acceptable testing device for both PARCC and SBAC, there are a few extra things you’ll need to ensure you and your students are prepared. We’ve taken the guesswork out of ensuring that our iPads will comply with the upcoming digital testing requirements with our new Wired Keyboard and Digital Testing Kit.

Because the iPad requires an external keyboard for testing requirements, we have recently released a Wired Keyboard for iOS devices. Wired Keyboard is available with either Lightning or 30-pin connectors, so no matter which version of iPad you have, your students will be able to test with a full-sized keyboard.

Wired Keyboard will be available on its own, but we’re also making it available as part of our new Digital Testing Kit, which includes our rugged Survivor case and our volume-limiting Crayola MyPhones. Survivor has proven over and over to be the most protective case in the classroom, and its built-in stand provides the perfect angle for testing. Crayola MyPhones, which limit audio output to a kid-safe level of 85 decibels, round out the kit, giving you everything you need to make sure your iPads are test-ready come Spring 2015!

Wired Keyboard will be available Spring 2014. Visit our store page to sign up for availability updates. If you’d like more information on Wired Keyboard or Digital Testing Kit, you can download product information sheets here:

Wired Keyboard

Digital Testing Kit

Erin Wiles is Griffin Technology’s connection to the classroom, leading our outreach and development initiatives into K-12 education.