Introducing Chromebook Sleeve for the Classroom

With developments such as Google Classroom, digital testing, 1:1 initiatives and others, it’s no wonder that the Chromebook is such an attractive tech buy for schools these days. Though it’s a laptop and not a tablet, the Chromebook is still an investment that needs to be protected as it travels with students through the halls and on buses. That’s where our new Chomebook Sleeve comes in.

With three zippered pouches to carry cables and other classroom supplies, Griffin’s Chromebook Sleeve offers just the right balance of protection plus storage. And, with its low profile and choice of red or blue accents, students will be happy to carry the Sleeve by hand or in a backpack, and protect their Chromebooks from dings and dents.

We were pleased to see how many attendees at FETC and TCEA were using Chromebooks and will be well served with a straightforward solution like the Chromebook Sleeve.

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