Griffin STEM Club at J.T. Moore Middle School

Earlier this school year, we were proud to help kick off a weekly Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (or STEM) after school club for about twenty 5th and 6th graders at J.T. Moore Middle School in Nashville. We knew we wanted to support the great administration and the great kids at this school, so we were thrilled when our club filled up in just a few minutes after it was open! Each Wednesday, a group of Griffin employee volunteers work with the students on a different STEM related activity.

JT Moore students.For the first two meetings of the Griffin STEM Club, the kids learned how to create their own projects using Snap Circuits. First, each group went through the provided manual to put together products like ­­­­a Musical Doorbell, Electrical Light & Switch, and an AM Radio. It wasn’t long until they figured out how the pieces and parts worked enough to be able to create their own projects and our second meeting was spent chasing lots of flying propellers from recently created launch pads! One of Griffin’s senior electrical engineers attended the club and was able to explain to them how he builds and tests circuits for Griffin products and showed the kids how he can use his oscilloscope to test the electronics in their Snap Circuits projects.

The STEM club has been a great initiative for Griffin employees and the students as well. We were honored to receive the message after our first club meeting from one mom who said her son “takes apart electronics for fun, and he collects electrical components so he can create his own gadgets. For the first time he is meeting kids and professionals who share these interests, and that is priceless!”

We are excited to continue to share about our STEM club activities including a series of Intro to Programming activities the kids loved.   We’d love to hear any of your ideas as well!

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