Griffin Celebrates Pi Day

Our friends at OZ Nashville recently hosted a special Pi Day Celebration for the Nashville community. Pi Day, 3/14/15 (of course) was celebrated with a day of performance, visual art, and discussions focusing on the connections between art, science, technology, engineering and math.


Griffin President Mark Rowan and Laurie Anderson.

The day kicked off at 9:26am with a brief multimedia introduction to Pi by North Carolina-based, mathematics-inspired arts educator Mark Hanf. followed by a panel discussion from a diverse group talking about the intersection of art and science in their work. The panel was an impressive one, featuring Hanf; Laurie Anderson, one of America’s most consistently daring creative pioneers; Roy Wooten, five-time Grammy-winning percussionist and composer; Cano Ozgener, visual artist and the founder of OZ Arts Nashville; and our own Mark Rowan, president of Griffin Technology.

Griffin and Mark were honored to be among such brilliant minds. Laurie Anderson is a phenomenal storyteller and it was great to hear her talk about her experiences outside of a performance context. Roy’s brain moves so fast that his connections and leaps kept the conversations lively while challenging the other panelists to stay on their toes! Even at 9:26 on a Saturday morning, it was exciting to see the audience’s enthusiasm as their comments and questions continued even after the panel concluded.

We are big fans of the work that is being done at OZ, making it even more exciting for Mark to be involved: “I was glad to participate and support OZ as Pi Day demonstrated their commitment to bringing fresh, new creative experiences and experimenting with different modes of engagement.  The response to this and all of the events I’ve been fortunate enough to attend at OZ has shown that Nashville has an audience for cutting edge modern art and performance.”

Thank you, OZ, for including Griffin in such an exciting day, and thank you for all that you bring to the Nashville community!

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