Griffin cases help iPads survive in the classroom

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with LaKrystal McKnight, an Autism Special Education teacher at Lansing Elementary in Lansing, KS. Ms. McKnight’s class serves K-5 students who have some level of Autism Spectrum Disorder with varying needs. Her class typically serves up to 12 students with moderate to severe levels of Autism throughout their entire school day in addition to serving 10-15 students with mild levels of Autism through a social skills class.

IMG_0527_1Like many classes like Ms. McKnight’s across the country, she and her students are able to use iPads for a variety of learning opportunities. Some use the iPad to improve handwriting and motor skills. Others see it as a reward or incentive for the classwork. Still others use the device as their voice. With students using the iPads in such important and impactful ways, it is obviously more important than ever that the device stay intact!

Prior to using the Survivor case, Ms. McKnight was concerned about her students ability to carry the devices without damaging them. “We’ve had iPads get dropped and bumped off desks or tables, and because we work with some younger students, keeping the iPads clean is very important. The Survivor cases have helped with all of these problems and more! When they are dropped accidentally or bumped off a desk, the cases protect the iPads! When we have sick students, we are easily able to clean the iPads now.”

We know what a transformative tool the iPad can be in the classroom, and Griffin is proud to provide a product that allows Ms. McKnight’s students, and others like hers around the world, to make the most use of their iPads!

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