Bringing On-The-Job Experience Into The Classroom

Three teachers from Hunters Lane Comprehensive High School in Nashville recently got an up-close view of the operations here at Griffin Technology.  Thanks to our partnership with the school, made possible by the Academies of Nashville program, we were able to host the teachers from the Design and Technology Academy at Hunters Lane for a three-day externship.

Over the three days, the teachers met with people from nearly every department at Griffin, touring the prototype shop, exploring e-commerce and the international sales strategy behind selling products online, and learning about cutting-edge technology such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and computer numerical control (or CNC) machines.

The knowledge the Hunters Lane teachers gained from their experience will help them bridge the gap between the real world and the classroom by creating project-based learning opportunities for their students that imitate real-world business practices. In the fall, students in the Design and Technology Academy will combine creativity with invention to develop a technology product, with guidance along the way from a group of Griffin staff.

The teachers plan to incorporate the different practices learned at the externship into their classes. The student projects will consist of students learning how to conduct user research, write copy about products, and design graphics and logos.

We are excited that our expertise in the technology field paired with ambitious students and engaged teachers at Hunters Lane will make for an exciting, creative project. Stay tuned for more exciting news on this partnership to come in the next few weeks!


This post also appeared on the Academies of Nashville blog.

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