An ART2Stem group visits Griffin Technology.

Art2STEM at Adventure Science Center

Griffin is proud to support the Adventure Science Center’s Art2STEM program, and we are especially proud that this program is available to so many middle school girls in Nashville!

Art2STEM is an after-school program run by the Adventure Science Center in partnership with five MNPS middle schools. It provides opportunities for girls in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades to explore how art and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) work hand in hand. Each club meets 12 times and goes on four “learning expeditions,” or business site visits, to meet Nashville women working in STEM fields. The pics below show some of these exceptional young ladies visiting with the ladies of Griffin Technology.

According to Art2STEM program director Robyn Sellers, there are many benefits to the program. In addition to having a safe, enriching after-school activity, girls really benefit from time spent among other girls with similar interests in a positive and encouraging environment. This program allows an opportunity for these young women to connect with like-minded peers, share positive experiences, and discover new interests, as well as create and innovate together.

Although this program shows that there is no shortage of girls interested in STEM, according to Robyn this interest isn’t always cultivated into a long term career path: “The world is still catching up to better integrate women into STEM fields. Programs like ART2STEM foster young women’s interests in STEM, and offer them opportunities to connect with female STEM professionals to allow that dream working in STEM to stay alive.”


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