6 Ways Blending is Better than Juicing

It was the caveman-like simplicity that hooked me.

Dump everything in a blender. Press button. Drink vegetables.

Juicing, of which my colleague Miles wrote recently, is all fine and good as long as you’re fine with throwing away better than half of the food you use, waiting around a long time, and clean-up. For my money, blending offers all of the benefits of juicing (highly efficient vegetable intake, endless perusing of enthusiast websites before buying equipment) with none of the downside. So here are my five top tips if you’ve decided to go the way of the blender.

1) Blending = fiber = feeling full. Unlike juicing, which leaves you with a sodden lump of fiber and pulp in addition to your teeny glass of juice, blending uses high-speed spinning blades to liquify anything unfortunate enough to be in the jar. In addition to the health benefits of fiber, the resulting smoothie is thicker and more substantial. It leaves you feeling fuller, longer.

2) You can buy one good blender. Or four crappy ones. Like the great Nikon/Canon divide, there are two blender brands that are worth your time: Blendtec and VitaMix. After literally 4 months of research, I picked up a factory refurb direct from Blendtec. In addition to the company’s brilliant Will It Blend campaign, the Blendtec offered the best combination of warranty and power.

3) Ice trays are your friends. You don’t have to pre-chop your fruits and veggies. That’s half the beauty of using a blender to liquify your food. However, freezing your veggies and fruits makes for a frosty cold smoothie without the watered-down sadness than a handful of stale ice cubes brings. Plus, if you’ve got some fruits that are about to make the turn and head down the fermenting route, freezing can stop the process.

4) Find one good recipe as your go-to. For me, Thug Kitchen (NSFW, for delightfully foul-mouthed commentary on recipes) introduced me to a Green Spinach Cooler that is nothing short of life-giving. During training for the Music City Marathon, I drank one of these every day after training runs. Spinach, cucumber, pineapple, OJ, frozen banana and coconut water. Couldn’t run any faster, but I felt great.

5) Out of sight, out of mind. In order to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth out of your investment, your blender needs to be where you can get at it easily. Ours lives on the countertop, right underneath the glasses cabinet. Once smoothie time is done, rinse our the jar and the lid and you’re ready for next time.

6) Keep it fresh and new. Thug Kitchen’s amazing smoothie recipe not withstanding, you’ll want access to new recipes. Grab the Primal Smoothies or Simply Smoothies apps for your phone. And the Blender Babes website has an extensive collection of recipes as well.

So what about you? Blend-Tec or Vitamix? Juicing or blending? The Comments are open.

Web Webster is one of our copywriters who found out the hard way that yes, in fact, a Survivor All-Terrain will, in fact, blend.

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