The Ultimate Holiday Party Playlist

Christmas music: love it or hate it, you’re probably already sick of it. Before the Halloween candy had made it to the clearance aisle, the treacly confections of Christmas were decking the halls of your personal space, earworming their way into your psyche a full month before Thanksgiving. Even the best songs wear out their welcome like a distant relative crashing on the couch.

Here, then, is our gift to you: An hour of holiday tunes, sacred and profane, to soundtrack your next holiday gathering. Ranging from soaring rhythm & blues and dolorous country & western to rollicking rock & roll and more, this set of twenty songs is the perfect companion for any holiday cocktail brunch or office party. Check out the Spotify playlist here!

Did we miss one of your favorite holiday tunes? Tell us in the comments and we might just add it to next years playlist!

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