Rock Star: Ashley3G

Rock Star: Ashley3G

Here’s a brand spankin’ new profile of one of our rocking customers. This time we’re spotlighting Ashley3G as a Griffin rock star!

Ashley3G is a Griffin Rock StarWho are you? Ashley3G

Where are you from? Birmingham, AL

What’s your day job? Working on my second bachelors degree. Graduating this December!

What’s your device of choice (iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, etc.)? iPhone 3GS



What was your first Griffin product? Griffin AirCurve

What’s your all time favorite Griffin product? Why? The Griffin AirCurve was the first Griffin product I purchased, and this is the product that immediately sparked my interest in the company and the accessories they make. So far, it remains my favorite product. I can’t get over it’s effectiveness and simplicity. I’m starting to find that a lot of accessories they offer for my iPhone 3GS are not only effective, but unique and practical as well.

Thanks Ashley!

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  • facebook-612390299

    good job, ashley. looking forward to your next review!

  • seanwhelan

    this is just marketing dressed up as an interview. does this ashley person even exist? 'her' last answer reads like advertising copy. at least make it believeable next time Griffin. this is a blog, not a billboard for crappy advertisements.

  • Dave Delaney

    Hi Sean,

    I didn't edit any of Ashley's answers. Her Twitter name is there, why
    don't you ask her yourself?

    She also does YouTube reviews. You can click that link to see that she
    is 100% real.

    I appreciate your concern, but I assure you that we're not trying to
    fool anyone.