Remembering Molly

Remembering Molly

Molly Rowlee case

Alex Birch is a former product manager at Griffin. He reached out to us about a friend’s brave young daughter who lost her life to lymphoma cancer recently.

Molly Rowlee lost her battle with cancer at just five years of age, but inspired a close group of family, friends to take action. Molly’s family is part of a tight-knit surf community on the coast of New Hampshire which is increasing daily as people hear Molly’s story. was created as a tribute to their beautiful daughter’s memory and to help raise money for covering the family’s exorbitant medical costs, and has since become a foundation. The Molly Fund is focused on community, giving back, and taking a positive role in other families’ lives that have been impacted by the battle against cancer. Our hearts go out to the Rowlee family.

From their site:

Cancer is cruel. Molly was five years old when she lost her battle with anaplastic large cell Lymphoma. This non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is a very treatable form of cancer with a tremendously high success rate – yet our lil’ Molly is not a success story. Molly was diagnosed with cancer in February 2009, and she initially responded well to her chemo treatments and her cancer was soon in remission. In June, the cancer returned and became very aggressive. A month later Molly was gone. Five months. Five short months. Life is cruel.

To help support Buck, Meighan and Molly’s brother Kieran, we provided a large shipment of our white Nu Form iPhone cases. The good people at inkswell added Molly’s Shaka logo to each case. This combined donation allows the entire purchase price to go directly to The Molly Fund, aiding their efforts.

Please buy one (or ten) today to show your support for such an important cause.

Molly Rowlee

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