Principal For A Day!

20131122_JTMooreMiddleSchool_08Every year, the Pencil Foundation, a local organization dedicated to creating and maintaining relationships between public schools and their surrounding communities, invites Nashville-area business leaders to live the dream. I mean, doesn’t every kid imagine how awesome it would be to get to the be the Principal of his own school? Griffin’s president, Mark Rowan, got the chance to do just this thanks to the Pencil Foundation’s Principal For A Day program.

As Principal for the Day at J.T. Moore Middle School, Mark’s first order of business was to make sure all 120 iPads in the school were properly protected!  To that end, Mark brought along plenty of Griffin’s Intellicase (in J.T. Moore red, naturally!)  He had plenty of help making sure the cases were assembled on the iPads correctly, with several J.T. Moore students lending a hand.

Next, Mark got to shadow the real principal of J.T. Moore Middle School, Dr. Gary Hughes.  From tending to tears, to giving what seemed to be a well-deserved lecture in proper school bus behavior, to dancing to Taylor Swift at the school assembly, there’s nothing this guy couldn’t do!  Seeing him in action really shined a light on what an enormous responsibility it is to be the leader at a middle school as well as what an impact he is able to have on his students.

Thank you very much to Dr. Hughes and J.T. Moore Middle School for such great hospitality as well as The Pencil Foundation for providing business leaders in Nashville such meaningful opportunities to get involved with education!

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