My Essential Running Accessories

Whether taking a quick jog around the block or getting in a long run for the week, there are a few items that are essential to have when hitting the pavement.

Music is key to helping me, and many others I know, push through intense runs so I always have my phone and earbuds on hand. The time I set aside for running isn’t just for working out; it’s my time to check out the latest and greatest albums released. An armband or waist belt like our Trainer Hip Belt is the perfect running companion, keeping my phone close at hand so I can quickly change tracks on iTunes or Spotify, and easily decline incoming calls while I’m in the zone.

During the fall and winter months, my evening runs happen in the dark given the time change. I gear up with a reflective vest in order to stay visible to cars and other pedestrians. I’m also a big fan of a headlamp. You can’t beat the hands-free convenience and it’s saved me on many occasions from tumbling on rough terrain. You can find reflective vests and headlamps at your local running store or sporting goods stores like REI.

For long runs during half-marathon training, Gatorade Prime Energy Chews are a must to keep me going, along with having a bottle of water at my side. I pop a few chews around mile 6 and it keeps me going for the next 7.  

Let’s not forget ID and cash.  It’s obvious an ID is helpful in case of emergency but it also comes in handy, along with the cash, when I finish off a group run at a local watering hole for a few bites and beverages with my running buddies.

What are your running essentials? Tell us in the comments!


Griffin PR Manager Heather Maurer’s favorite running jam is “Electric Love” by BØRNS.

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