Mark Rowan Appointed to NECAT Board of Directors

Griffin Technology President Mark Rowan has recently been named to the Board of Directors of Nashville Education, Community, and Arts Television (NECAT.)

NECAT serves two purposes: to expose Middle Tennessee viewers to arts and education programming created both locally and around the world; and to teach individuals and organizations who wish to make TV shows how to do so, provide them access to needed equipment and resources, then broadcast those shows for them.

Once officially appointed to the board by Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, Mark will serve a three-year term, working with NECAT staff and content creators to build partnerships and connect with other members of Nashville’s business, music and creative communities, while also offering new and exciting ideas to help the organization grow and reach more people.

One of Mark’s first projects as a NECAT board member will be working with one of Metro Nashville Public Schools’ Academies, The Recording Academy at Pearl-Cohn High School, to participate in NECAT production classes.

To get a complete introduction to NECAT’s activities, Board members are given the opportunity to participate in NECAT’s TV production classes. According to NECAT CEO, Trish Crist, “Having creative and engaged board members is key to the success of the organization.”

“The classwork connects board members with NECAT members and producers to better understand how public access television really works,” Crist said. “We’ve found that the classes inevitably lead to new ideas for programming and partnerships that are at the core of NECAT’s mission.”

In addition to its core television production curriculum, NECAT presents special events and classes. Recent offerings include Special Effects, Makeup and Prosthetics classes, weeklong TV camps for students during Spring Breaks, and even a brand-new Zombie Movement Class!

For details on these events and to learn more about getting involved in NECAT, please visit


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