Hear GuitarConnect Pro in action!

Hear GuitarConnect Pro in action!

Back before Christmas we announced our new GuitarConnect Pro, the analog to digital interface for iPad and iPhone 4. With GuitarConnect Pro you can turn your iPad or iPhone into a compact performance or practice rig.

Michael Hines of Trendhunter notes in his story that, “There’s a good chance that albums in the future could be recorded using GuitarConnect Pro.” We think so too.

We’re also seeing some amazing results from our community of musician friends. But don’t trust me on this, check out Tom Limbaugh‘s homemade video for his song, “Straight Down The Middle.”

As Tom’s description on the video points out, he recorded the whole thing using GuitarConnect Pro with GarageBand. Pretty amazing!

Thanks for sharing your song with us Tom.


What do you think of GuitarConnect Pro? Have you tried it yet?

  • Ben

    This is brilliant!