#GriffinSurvivor Core Takes The Ride of Its Life

After his iPhone fell 150 feet from a high-speed roller coaster, Captain Jesse Adkison expected the worst. Read on to hear his story as a #GriffinSurvivor …

As a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, Jesse Adkinson knows the importance of security and protection. He extends the same mentality to keeping his iPhone in pristine condition with our Survivor Core. During a day of roller coaster rides and entertainment at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Captain Adkinson’s iPhone 6 took the ultimate test – a 150-foot drop while riding Tempesto, one of the park’s most intense coasters.


Adkinson enjoyed the coaster’s loops, corkscrews and inversions without noticing anything had gone wrong. But upon exiting the ride, he saw an operator holding a phone that looked exactly like his. After quickly shifting through his belongings, he confirmed it was indeed his iPhone 6 that had slipped out of his pockets.

“I thought that it had fallen out when I was entering the ride so I asked the operator where he found it. He told me that he saw it fall from the apex of the ride and bounce off of the concrete where the passengers exit,” Adkinson explained. Thankfully, his Survivor Core went well above and beyond the call of duty and saved his phone.

“It seemed that everyone around me had a version of the story as they pointed toward the sky and told me that it fluttered down from way up there.”

People crowded around him, feeling sorry for his awful situation, saying things like “Oh, man – you’re going to have to buy a new phone!” To everybody’s surprise, Adkinson’s iPhone worked without a hitch.


Jesse’s girlfriend and some park-goers were so impressed by the scene that many of them immediately ordered a Survivor case while waiting in line to embark on their own thrill-seeking journey on the Tempesto.

“Everyone in line was completely stunned that my phone was fully functional with just a small nick on the corner of the case,” Adkinson said.

Would your phone stand up to the test? Hop on and take a ride on the Tempesto here:

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MANDATORY LEGAL STUFF: Capt. Adkinson’s experience is not typical. Survivor Core is designed and tested to meet MIL-STD 801-G for protection against drops of up to 6 feet. And while we’re happy and amazed that Capt. Adkinson’s iPhone survived its 150’ drop, you should not expect your Survivor Core to perform similarly.

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